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Data Center

Since launching Hawaii’s first commercial data center in 2000, we have worked to ensure our customers have a secure, scalable, state of the art facility.

We have constantly invested in proven technological advances. We continuously monitor the functioning of the data center, provide security and authentication, generate reports and ensure optimum network performance. Likewise, we continuously monitor customer circuits to ensure optimum throughput, and work with our vendors to proactively improve connectivity.

NetEnterprise’s climate controlled data center features fault tolerant environmentals, redundant power, redundant bandwidth and a state of the art fire suppression system. Our environmentals are continuously monitored to ensure trouble free operations, in the event of parameters being exceeded, notifications are immediately sent to our engineers to be rectified. At the customer’s request, we can also install monitoring on servers to ensure their health and continued functioning, to ensure proper operations down to a granular level.

Data center access is controlled and monitored via biometric technology to track access, 24 x 7 video monitoring of the facility, and strict, enforced policies on access to ensure your data’s security. In addition, we utilize the rooftop of our building to support a variety of customer projects utilizing over the air technology, integrating with customer equipment in our data center.