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Server Monitoring

NetEnterprise offers server monitoring services to help you keep an eye on the availability and health of your servers in real time.  

Monitoring features include

• Up/Down Monitoring – NetEnterprise will monitor the status of your servers 24/7 and a notification will be sent out should there be an outage.  Destination(s) of notification will depend on which package is selected.  Our Engineers are available around the clock to contact and/or assist you with any issues you might have.

• Resource Monitoring – Our monitoring system will periodically poll your servers to retrieve real-time information on disk, memory and CPU utilization.  We will work with you at the time of install to set different levels of thresholds.  When these thresholds are breached a notification will be sent out.

• Server Health Monitoring – In addition to monitoring resource utilization, we will also monitor the health of your servers and the services it provides by parsing and collecting logs generated by Windows.  Similar to resource monitoring there will be thresholds set at the time of install at which notifications will be sent.  This will help ensure that all services on your servers are functioning properly and will help you to identify potential problems before they interrupt your business operations.