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VoIP Service

NetEnterprise provides hosted VOIP (voice-over-internet-protocol), that means no telephony equipment, beyond your phone, to manage, patch, backup, and maintain. Our service incorporates redundant service backup, as required, by using very cost efficient solutions.

With robust features, we can offer seamless integration of your cloud, internet, and phone system needs at a lower cost.

Some key features of our system:

• Incoming Call Routing
• Call Recording
• Voicemail to Email
• Toll-Free Calling, Interisland and Mainland
• Porting of Your Current Numbers
• Find Me/Follow Me Service
• Multiple Devices Per Extension
• SIP Routing
• Administrator Portal
• Multiple Integration With Other Products
• Caller Analytics (for instance to track marketing campaigns)
• Scalable To Fit Your needs Today, and Tomorrow